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Frequently Asked Questions

What is All Star Cheer?

  • All Star Cheer is a high energy, team-based, performance sport that is athletic, artistic and acrobatic. Athletes compete with a 2- 2/12 minute routines composed of tumbling, stunting, pyramids, dance and cheer segments.

  • All Star Cheer differs from traditional school cheer teams in that its primary purpose is competition, while school cheer involves crowd leading and other school roles. Mountain Elite is not affiliated with any other club or school. 

  • Visit to learn more

Can Parents watch classes?

  • We do not allow parents, friends, family or other guests in the training area during any practice, class or clinic.

  • Guests can watch from the TV monitors and windows in the lobby.

What is tumbling?

  • Tumbling a discipline involving series of acrobatic skills that consist of jumping, flipping and twisting.

  • It is similar to the floor portion of gymnastics, but tumbling is part of cheer.

  • Our classes focus on tumbling as an essential component of cheer with a focus on strength and technique.

  • The foundational skills performed are beneficial for all sports.

Does my child need to have experience?

  • Experience is not required for Beginner classes.

  • Certain skills with correct technique are required for Intermediate and Advanced classes, as well as the cheer team

  • Boys and girls are all welcome!

  • Experience is not required for special events and clinics. 

What should be worn to class/practice?

  • Shorts or athletic pants with a tank top or t-shirt.

  • CLEAN tennis shoes, cheer shoes, or other athletic shoes. Shoes are required at all times.

  • No jewelry, gum, accessories.

  • Long hair should be pulled back.

Can I sign up after the start date?

  • Yes, you may sign up for tumbling classes after the start date. 

  • Cheer teams are formed at the beginning of the season but may be able to accommodate late additions on certain occasions.

  • Program fees will not be prorated for absences.

How do I pay?

  • Full payment is due at or prior to your first class.

  • We accept Cash, Check to Mountain Elite, or Venmo @MountainElite .

  • Credit card payments can be made online through your custom invoice and incur a credit card processing fee.

Where is Mountaineer Performance?

  • 2815 Old US 421 S, Boone, NC 28607

  • If you're coming from Boone on 421 S going towards the direction of Deep Gap, turn right at the light to get onto Old 421 South. (Food Lion is on your left, Tractor Supply is on the right in the direction you're turning towards.)

  • Drive about 1 mile down this road, past the pet hotel and Baptist church. 

  • Moutaineer Performance is a big green building on the left!

  • If you reach New River Tire, you've gone a few feet too far.

Class Rules

Rules & Guidelines

As athletes, we train to increase flexibility, build strength, and master technique. Tumbling is an essential component of cheer, and the foundational skills performed are beneficial for all sports and athletic activity.

No Cell Phones or Jewelry

Leave phones at home, in the car, or in the lobby. Do not use them on water breaks.

Please remove all piercings. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc may not be worn. Masks are optional.

Proper Attire Required

Fitted clothing is preferred for safety purposes. Appropriate footwear includes cheer shoes, tennis shoes, running or training sneakers, or socks. No bare feet. 

**Please bring athletic shoes with you, and change into them once you are in the facility.

Be Punctual

Class will start promptly at the time listed on the schedule. Please arrive early to switch your shoes, hang your jacket, and fill your water bottle.

Athletes Only On The Floor

Parents, friends, siblings and other guests may not enter the training area during class.

Trust The Process

All skills are accompanied by drills and practice techniques. Athletes can attempt new skills with the coach only when the previous progressions are mastered.

No Selective Participation

All athletes are required to participate in each part of class - including warm up, drills, and conditioning.

Respect Teammates and Coach

Pay attention and limit side chatter. Encourage and support your teammates. Wear a mask for the safety of others.


Work hard and have fun!

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